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When I was looking into Life Coaching certifications, I saw a lot of the same until Gabriela Embon Académie du Coaching came up. Instantly, I felt that her approach was exactly what I was looking for; the perfect balance of scientific methods and spirituality. Gabriela covers both and it is up to you how much of each aspect you decide to use in your practice. I chose her program after attending the open-door event and I could sense Gabriela's authenticity; one of my main values. I really appreciate the way Gabriela delivers more complicated or abstract concepts by providing very comprehensive analogies, not only that those help to understand but also, they are easy to remember! This certification will give you the tools to become a high-quality life coach while embracing your uniqueness, and as a bonus, Gabriela makes sure you will know what to do once you graduate! If I could go back in time, I would choose Gabriela Embon Académie du Coaching again! Thank you Gaby, such an inspiring mentor!
Zuzana Sichova